Garden design and landscaping in Mallorca

J&P Design has decades of experience landscaping and designing gardens in Mallorca: floors, lawns, plants… Projects tailored to your needs.

By combining colorful flowers and different plant arrangements depending on the month of the year or seasonal period, your garden will obtain a very personal flair, emphasizing the harmony of textures and forms.

The choice of the appropriate material will enhance the plant attributes. For this purpose we use high quality plants and seeds coming from the best nurseries in the country. We are able to take care of any project, regardless of its size, since we own a large variety of tools and machinery, which enable us to carry out arrangements of the highest complexity.

The range of services offered by J&P includes:

  • Evaluation of outdoor spaces
  • Garden design and landscaping
  • Irrigation systems
  • Garden illumination
  • Natural lawns
  • Natural and artificial fountains
  • Soil preparation previous to seeding
  • Project direction
  • Counseling
  • 3D and 2D design
  • Turf or fine grass lawns
  • Lawn natural grass carpeting
  • Lawn artificial grass carpeting
  • English turf type of lawn
  • Hard grass lawns

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