Grass recovery for gardens in Mallorca

J&P Design’s team is specialised in recovering garden grass and replanting lawns in Mallorca. Ask our gardeners for lawn care and replanting grass tips.

The grass color in a lawn reflects the quality and origin of the seeds. Healthy natural grasses show an intensive green color, in addition to a fine texture. They also build a dense and continued vegetal layer. It is possible to choose from various types of seeds depending on the type of decoration that one has in mind. For example, ornamental lawns, sport lawn, lawns for home gardens, for shadowy spots or even hard and use-resistant lawns. Alternatively, it is possible to use grass carpets, which are applied like “ready grass layers” directly on the soil, to renew worn up lawns, or simply to make a new one. For home owners who do not want to spend time and money maintaining and irrigating lawns, it is also possible to apply layers of artificial or synthetic grass. Depending on the quality of the material used, artificial grass can also simulate a natural environment.